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Let's play a game.

so i was talking to 2greeneggs  and he needs a good halloween costume idea. (and i get a million dollars). Well, i think we should have a scavenger hunt to help our only male Mean Girl member. Your task is to find the most the Mean Girlish (or Rocky Horror Picture Show, he's going to it on Halloween) items for

1. hair

2. ears

3. clothes.

but here's the catch, the total can't be more than $30, meaning all our expensive clothes and jewerly are thrown out the window.


If i had mod powers i would be granting 200 points to participants. I hope the mods aren't offended that i decided to start a game.

oh and here's a picture of his last dress up for Rocky Horror. He's not embarrased at all to look feminen... well at least not on Halloween.

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